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NO MUSIC NO 手越祐也 - NO 手越祐也 NO LIFE ♥
You are a wolf, you are...dressed like a fox, got me tied up in knots over you.
review / report NEWS no LIVE!x3 DOME PARTY @Tokyo Dome 2010-09-25 
26th-Sep-2010 11:06 pm

Doumo, Rina desu!

Last night (25th September 2010) I attended the first Dome Party at Tokyo dome.

Ah, What can I say!?

The show was amazing.. It’s so hard to believe ^_^

My ‘review’s sort of report-ish whatever you wanna call it will be quite messy and maybe not so much of interest to you, I don’t know but I will just talk about what I remember.

It surely was the best concert. For sure the BEST NEWS CONCERT an maybe I can put it almost equally with Tegomasu…it was different, but I loved both almost the same way, maybe Tegomasu bit more because it literally has more Tegoshi and half of the songs has his voice and.. well nevertheless I totally loved this NEWS concert.. My favorite used to be Pacific con because it was the first I watched and it made me fall in love with NEWS. Also because it has many many old songs and a lot of sweetness, but this one, even though there were A LOT of new songs it surely showed the most amazing side of NEWS and I hope every single fan can watch it someday!

The line for the goods was soooo long ... it went all around the dome, i walked 5 minutes to the end of the line, but once i got there I didn't want to go back xD 

it was very nice weather, even after the taifu passed and brought 3 days of rain >.<

since i had no bag left for tegochan, he enjoyed the sun with me ^~^

They showed their most amazing side for sho!

My heart is still going doki doki ^^ it was so much fun ~ and that dome is actually not really bigger than Yoyogi but has more seats I guess LOL ~ well I know it is bigger but it didn’t feel so much bigger. It looks bigger on TV, to me.


They showed pretty awesome singing too ^_^

Maybe some parts were sung along to some playback? I don’t know it was hard to tell, I only once had the feeling Pi’s part in Snow express, the rap-ish part, was not his live voice but I would even dare to say that the whole concert was sung live.

Maybe it wasn’t but it had the feeling of it and therefore I’m overly happy.

Shige a couple of times didn’t sing the very first word but quickly sung the proper lines, I wonder maybe he did it on purpose or the mic wasn’t properly working (voice level XD) I don’t care though cause it was very well done over all! XD  

And Ryo did a wonderful job with his solo, he started off with some Kanjani song which I don’t know the name of ^^ and for someone who adores Ryo I would say it was a most amazing solo performance, the background screens over his head (the main screens) showed him in black and white while the other two side screens showed him in ‘normal’ colors. The screens were differently arranged and the special band was up all the way between the screens, such awesome alignment!

One time Ryo looked up, behind his back and when he saw where the band actually was that he announced, he was like ‘oh wow fuck’ XD and sung ~

Pi had a bit of trouble in One in A Million at the ending, or maybe he too intended on singing like that but I thought he forgot a line and sung something else,…which is fine too ^^ hehe

I won’t talk about clothes or line up at all because I don’t remember and you can see most of the clothes in photos already anyways xD

I remember the fur clothing though, which looked pretty neat! And personally I think the clothes were quite sweet and suited them ^.^

During Pi’s One In a Million he wore pink neon lights tied around his body, which looked funky ^^ and the whole dome turned into a really hot dance stage! Really cool done. The dancers though looked so young *laugh* and when the song ended Pi said ‘thank you for let me dance’ ^^”””


The lines were also written on the screen for a moment. Kinda sweet ^^


Ok now I talked about the clothes XD haha


You can see the stage set up, and there was the zeppelin thing, floating around all the time before the show. I personally liked the Earth in the middle, it didn’t do anything but it symbolizes so much somehow.


Actually they didn’t really have a long mc; all they talked about was each member’s recent activities I guess.

They showed Pichan’s ashita no joe trailer, which also ran on the screens before the concert. Tegoshi did boxing poses a few times during the concert, and after the trailer, going quietly ‘yeah’ a few times, as if he didn’t want to be heard but couldn’t help doing / saying it XD

They sung the new song ‘Fighting Man’ then it was over o.O" and Ryo went straight into his solo.


It felt really short but I somehow didn’t really mind ^^”


Well like I said the MC was short, they started with Keiichan talking about the end of the Osaka shows and asking Tegoshi what he had been doing since then. I guess if Im not wrong. He said he had been playing futsal and playing pokemon ~ (maybe something else before but I don’t remember). Everyone laughed and Keiichan was like ‘I see that’s no surprise’ ^^ then he said recently he had seen Tegoshi’s Pokemon MC on the TV for the first time and he talked about it a little but I don’t know what he said -_-“ why do they speak so fast!?!

Since there was hardly interesting talking there was hardly any tegopi -_-“
Pi most of the time looked at Tego during the talk ^^ And Tego often looked at Pi when he wasn’t looking ^_^ and it helped that Tego stood right next to Pi =p

Pi grinned like an idiot about Tego playing pokemon XD

It was funny or rather sweet to see how happy Pi looked during the show ^_^ That Tego was enjoying every second of it too is no surprise <3


I think after Iitai Dake, or at some other point Shige was asking something about the fans or to the fans, and then asked everyone to scream loud. Then he asked all the ‘MEGANE’ to scream XD and then ‘OTOKO’ XD

Very very close to me sat two girls with two boys, the two boys screamed really loud and caught Shige’s attention. He then surprised asked for them to scream again and again and wondered why there is still only the ‘otoko’ to be heard from our corner. He tried the ‘megane’ again and some other things I didn’t understand though.

The two guys who sat close to me brought a Shige and Massu uchiwa XD And they screamed for Shige many times .. =P

So yeah during the whole concert there sadly was not much TegoPi interaction T_____T

I think the only time they were actually touching was during the encore of DTF.

Which was a fun performance with a lot of silly dancing and jumping around ^^

I think it was Tego, Pi and Massu…? Maybe Shige was with them instead, I’m not sure but I think it was Ryo, Keii and Shige as the other pairing.

They danced a lot during the song in those pairings and really fooled around only ^_^

When Pi sung he had Tego to his right and Massu (I’m guessing) to the left. Tego did lots of kissi kissi chu chu into the camera, while leaning against Pichans shoulder ^-^

And Pi did the same to Tego when he sang ^.^

I guess Massu again to the other side of Tego but didn’t do much ~ no kissi kissi ^_^  only Tego and Pi ~ that was nice ... Pi and Tego danced against each other most of the song...

During all other songs when they would cross paths they just walked past each other without looking -_-" I was so angry... those baka boys.. but it made me a little happier that Pi also didn’t look at the others when he past them, and neither did Tego, actually there wasn’t much interaction between the members when they walked around…. only during a few songs there was more.. Especially Massu-Pi  U_____U , some Ryo-Pi but mostly TegoShige and KoyaTego (I didn’t pay much attention to Ryo and Massu …)

And right, I just remembered that Ryo licked Massu... first just kissed his cheek, right... then more and more and *LICK* .... XD 

I loved Massu's 'shocked' face.. he even stopped singing..somehow, maybe the part was over LOL i dont remeber...

And I don’t need to mention how awesome Tegochan looked right?

~ like always, he rocked the clothes, every single of them! His pink shirt had a silver skull on its back <3 he wore the NEWS LIVE hair gummy thing as wristband, which inspired me … it really looks cute somehow XD I mean not only on Tego I guess..


After the encore the fans kept screaming for more and then Shige came back on stage first, in a white shirt and his hair tied back in a pony tail with the NEWS LIVE hair gummy … XD

Oh and he brought his CAMERA too.. the others joined and Keiichan, I think, asked what he was doing, this wasn’t private =P

 And they told shige that it is forbidden to take photos inside the dome… XD 

Shige then said he wanted to have a photo for his memories or something like that, well he then took a photo of the crowd ^_^

He then took a photo of Tegoshi posing sweetly during the next song which was Koi No ABO.

He also got a proper photo of Massu at the end I think.

This version of KNABO was performed in a funnier way, but I believe they sung proper lyrics. I remember Pi smacking Massu’s bum at one of his lines >_< he walked around with Massu only I think if I remember right, with a lot of interaction … Shige walked with his camera down the sideway of my side, followed by Tegochan. But they just walked, danced and sang separately. Tegoshi looked kind of lonely singing there *_*

Keiichan and Ryo I think walked around more separately too, it was only Massu-Pi that stuck together °_°””””

Pi though had a blast and it was fun to see him dance like a maniac! XD

It really was fun; he must have enjoyed it a lot.

When they left the stage they screamed a lot of “Thank you’s” in English .. XD I think they only really said “thank you”~ and Ryo was funny… he screamed ‘THANK YOU TOKYO’ the whole time.. finding it amusing what he said XD “Thank you Tokyo~”

Tegoshi did his more engrish-ish SaNK YOU ~in a way like his ‘suki’ during Tegomasu. If you know it you know what I mean. If you don’t know, then I guess you’re no Tego-fan and don’t really care anyway haha.

Ah....and Ryo.. i remember, during the last songs he started singing in a VERY loud voice, almost screaming the song and quickly went like 'woops' and sang normal. i wonder if he did on purpose or if he was too excited xD i know he has a powerful voice =P

So, to me Most incredible were songs like Akaku moyoru taiyou ~ I got the goose bumps and was so close to tears already in the beginning *_* it’s just such a ‘meaningful’ song somehow ..and when they kept showing OLD LIVE FOOTAGE of NEWS (waaaaaaa pichan and baby tego *_*) I was so damn close to sobbing right there…

And they did the same for Happy Birthday …

And Tegomasu no Yoru wo Hoshi ~ … the same old footage of Tegomasu as they showed during the last show of Tegomasu …  TEARS, DAMNIT.. TEARS         !!!  so touching.

Koyashige’s dance really is bad LOL. And the costumes, gomen very very unstylish but it works well and I loved their performance ^____^

Near to the end they sang my most favorite songs, NEWS NIPPON, Cherish, TEPPEN, KIBOU YELL  … its not on the video of course but those songs made it so hard to stay focused. I love them to bits, simply because I listened to them more than any other songs because they made me love news and because they simply MEAN -> NEWS.

And those songs alone made it worth going, they made it the best concert ever (besides Tegomasu XD)

… I love them, I love news and the night was filled with so much happiness ^___^


[:: IMA SHOCK ME ::] 
26th-Sep-2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
mine? wooooooooooooo the pictures!!!!!!
you got the hair tie waaaaaa it's soooo kawaii!!!!!
How i wanted to be there too, acting silly with you at NEWS concert xD xD ahahhaha
I'm glad you enjoyed it >.< you wil enjoy as well monday and tuesday ne? hihihiihih
26th-Sep-2010 02:13 pm (UTC)
i forgot to say, thanks for the report rina-sama xD
26th-Sep-2010 02:23 pm (UTC)
KYAAAAAAAA~ It's nice!!! <3~
The bright day during NEWS concert!!! It would be awesome..
NEWS Saikou~
26th-Sep-2010 02:30 pm (UTC)
Very very close to me sat two girls with two boys, the two boys screamed really loud and caught Shige’s attention.
i amused about male fans shouted ^^, can't wait the footage tomorrow!!

thank you
26th-Sep-2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
this is lovely
this is awesome!
why there's lots of massupi???
and even ryo to massu!!! massu!!! who are you?? what you have done?! lol
awwww! a shige's fanboy!!! and massu's too!!! kakkoi~~ *imitating massu in the LIVE CM*

uuhhh ryo sounds so cool there despite he's not your fav the most,the way you praised him~ *faints*
and pi chan with PINK neon?!!! its usually BLUE right?! NOW ITS PINK?!

kyaaaa shige!!! make a photobook will ya?! or at least,photshigenic!!! i wanted to see how it turns out to be!!! must be cool!!! shige love NEWS! haha

hehe.. that! ofc are a very nostalgic songs... other news songs never can beeat those~ ^O^
I love them to bits, simply because I listened to them more than any other songs because they made me love news and because they simply MEAN -> NEWS.
you have so much fun! im glad you're feeling that~ yay for NEWS LOVE!
imgonna make sure i will go there one day~ *pray hard* :D
26th-Sep-2010 02:52 pm (UTC)
oh yeh i think ryo was really good but he is good so oh well xD ahaha
but not my fav person because of 'his personality' that he shows but i still like him =p
whatever.. yeah massu.. so weird lately ...*_*

did i mention ryo licking massu? eh i forgot? i dunno.. lol just remembered it
and oh.....im not sure about the lights again... now.. i mean.. i thought they were pink ;_;
gomen if i messed up XDD

ah ryo.. i remember now, during the last songs he started singing in a VERY loud voice, almost screaming the song and quickly went like 'woops' and sang normal. i wonder if he did on purpose or if he was too excited xD i know he has a powerful voice =P
26th-Sep-2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
thanks for sharing :D
26th-Sep-2010 02:39 pm (UTC)
Tego did lots of kissi kissi chu chu into the camera, while leaning against Pichans shoulder ^-^

And Pi did the same to Tego when he sang ^.^ . .>>Tegoshi is so cute. .and TEGOPI. .Yosh!!Yosh!!

thanks for sharing your story ne^^. .awesome. .
*love. .love*
26th-Sep-2010 02:41 pm (UTC)
huwaaaaah~! thank you for this~!!♥

wah, lots of tegopi XD
you're lucky to hear the new song >.<
and the two guys are so funny! XDD maybe they're shige's friends? XDD

and did you say that you have a video of the concert?!? "the cam tends to shut itself off after a certain time of recording"...kyaaaaaahhhh~!!!!!
i want to see~!

26th-Sep-2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
well sadly not really much tegopi ;_; but it was sweet what we got! XD
i hope for more in the other shows ;_; those baka boys....

ah ah yeah there is some recording, wops i should have not written that XD
i really wanted iitai dake on cam but it didnt work -_-" i dunno it totally messed with me, there is only a little bit of it ;_;
26th-Sep-2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much for sharing this report!

I can sense that all those who came to the concerts really had fun...I am really amazed by NEWS on how, after a long period of hiatus, they can do concerts like these...It seems like there have been no hiatus whatsoever...They're really the best!

I really laugh on the part where you said that Ryo was amused in saying "thank you tokyo"

How I wish I can also watch his solo performances....

Thanks again!
26th-Sep-2010 02:58 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the report ♥
It's nice to read about TegoPi since all I've been reading so far is RyoMassu LOL
I really like the fact that LIVE sounded LIVE xD 'cause I truly believe how great singers NEWS are <3

Hooray for ShigeMassu fanboys! :D
26th-Sep-2010 03:00 pm (UTC)
"Tego did lots of kissi kissi chu chu into the camera, while leaning against Pichans shoulder"
"And Pi did the same to Tego when he sang ^.^"


thank you for sharing *-*
26th-Sep-2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
sankyuu ne~?!

ahahah..so it's more like u searched for the tegopi moments xD

anyways..I believe Tego always looks great..we know thaaaattt >///<

btw..u managed to record again?
26th-Sep-2010 03:08 pm (UTC)
I love your report so much!!!
Especially TegoPi part XD
You made me happy~ San-kyu!
26th-Sep-2010 03:12 pm (UTC)
thanks for the report~
26th-Sep-2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
and RyoMassu is so funny! i bet Massu didn't expect to be licked XDD
so much love for Massu lately!
Shige is really popular with guy fans ne~ really wanna see him with a ponytail~~
thanks for sharing your report!
26th-Sep-2010 03:30 pm (UTC)
thanks for sharing your report.. you are so lucky ne... omedetou ^O^
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