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17th-Aug-2013 05:25 pm - Photosharing 2013 LIVE
こんにちは !

I'm sharing the papapix I bought from 2013

Tegoshi Yuya only (almost)

Of course I scanned them myself ^-~
and theyre all edited in color & (roughly 1600pxl)!

If you DL, a friendly greeting would be lovely
And crediting will be appreciated.


Sorted by costume and well, nakedness & wetness =D

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire


Hello Everyone!

It surely has been awhile...

I'll be sharing some pictures and 3 fancams from July 27th.

4+FAN + Introduction
Taiyou no namida (only few seconds, tried to capture Yuyu's part... )
Ichioku..... + Summertime in the rain (not entire song)

つづきを読む...Collapse )
22nd-Apr-2012 12:10 pm - NEWS SCANS - 006
こんにちは !

Today I want to share a small batch of edited scans!
DUET Magazine April issue.

You can use the pix for anything you want...
...and a friendly greeting would be lovely



Resolution varies because each page is a bit of a different size.....
but overall it is around HQ 3000 x 4069


I still would appreciate no uncredited re-uploads :)

15th-Apr-2012 01:02 pm - NEWS SCANS - 005
こんにちは !

Today I want to share a small batch of edited scans - Popolo Magazine April issue.
This time you'll get full pages plus Yamapi and Chinen ! =D
Ah, I forgot to pack Pi into the last scans..... ^^"
I still I focused on the boys and their pretty faces =D
But this time they are no longer heavy PNGs!

Feel free to drop by whenever you want; post will stay unlocked.
You can use the pix for anything you want...
...and a friendly greeting would be lovely


Resolution varies because each page is a bit of a different size.....
but overall it is around HQ 3000 x 4069


I still would appreciate no uncredited re-uploads :)

14th-Apr-2012 08:04 pm - NEWS SCANS - 004
こんにちは !

Today I want to share a small batch of edited scans - Myojo Magazine April issue.
For those who already have regular scans could maybe enjoy these "face oriented"
scans I did. I focused on the boys, therefore you'll not have the regular writing part
BUT a very High Resolution and color adjusted bit of NEWS love.

I will be updating more if i happen to have the time to do the scans and color adjustments.
It took me lready nearly an hour to do this today ... ^^;; Mainly because I'm still experimenting
with Photoshop's tools to make the pictures prettier and also because I keep rescanning
and saving until I'm happy with it.

Feel free to drop by whenever you want; post will stay unlocked.
You can use the pix for anything you want...
...and a friendly greeting would be lovely


Resolution varies because each page is a different size.....
but overall it is HQ 1248 x 1600 and higher...


I still would appreciate no uncredited re-uploads :)

Tegopi X MAS <3
Konbanwa Minna ~

It's not like I didn't want to do a review this time around, but I literally don't recall everything anymore since I didn't have much of a chance to type down things that happened right after each concert ~

There are some things I can list though, in case you are bored ~

Things that are important for me and well stuffs I noticed.

The first show on the 16th / 18:30

- At the beginning Yuya wore two or three LONG red and white feathers in his hair which was pinned back on one said (the usual adorable style which I love incredibly much =D)
- After the first costume change he took out the red (lost it? XD) and only left in the white one
- After the second costume change he took out the white feathers and replaced them with 3 or 4 silver stars
- Yuya added furr to his Tegomasu parker ( around the HOODIE )
- During one early song Yuu dropped a black wristband which he later tried to fix again (If I'm not mistaken he only wore that black second wristband on the first day and the first show of the second day..........)
- During Miso Soup Yuya out on a glove on one hand (which he didn't do in all the other following shows / definately not the last 3 maybe on the second he did too... *forgetting*)

Second show on the 17th / 13:00

- Yuya had half of his hair braided with white extensions
- Yuya added more furr to his Tegomasu parker ( around the ARMS )

Third show on the 17th / 17:00

- Yuya had most of his hair braided with white extensions (looked slightly different in the back...)
- Yuya added rhine stones to his Tegomasu parker ( along the ZIPPER )
- Massu kneels on the floor, Yuu sneakes up from behind and knocks Massu over.
- Massu then runs after him and tickles Yuya til he is about to faint ~ I don't approve of it but Yuyu was adorable to watch ^^

Fourth show on the 18th / 13:00

- Yuya had no braids, just messy short hair with white extensions sticking out from everywhere =D
- Yuya added even more furr to his Tegomasu parker ( around the WAIST )
- Yuya sneaks up to Massu again and jumps on him, they fall to the floor, Yuyu cracks up.
- Massu chases Yuu half around the stage, Yuya enjoys it greatly

-I'm pretty sure it was during this MC,.... Yuyu was made to show off his Pizza Acrobatic skills ^_^
He asked if it was ok to do it with an air pizza? cause obviously we had no pizza prepared ^^
To the fans' cheers he did an absolutely stunning air performance ^___^

Yuya kept saying "Boku wa ENTERTAINER desu~!" *smile smile* =D

- This day was the most fun of all, Yuya had a blast eventhough he shuld have been tired, yet he gave all he had ^^
especially since during the MC they ended up talking about Pokemon and other Anime. Yuu said that he still enjoys playing Pokemon and how he cried when Pikachu was about to die in the first Pokemon movie.

He did the cutest impersonations of Satoshi and Pikachu~! ** Pikachu, nakanaide~!** **Pi Pika Pi~** **cry cry** THE MOST ADORABLE THING IN HISTORY ^_^  Yuu said he cried alot and how embarassing it should have been. He said he still likes to sing the Opening Theme at Karaoke ^_^ and then began to sing ~! For me personally it was the best that could have happened, ever! I love that song and hearing Yuyu sing it is the top of the top! the best ever ~!

At the first time 'Pokemon getto da ze!' appears in the song he suddenly stopped like if he only just now realized he had been singing in public ^^ but then Massu continued with "Masuta town ni sayonara bai bai" etc.. and Yuyu joined in happily again ~ he was smiling like a little boy ^_^ like always, totally enjoying the moment. At the part "Ore wa koitsu to tabi ni deru (Pikachuu!)" Yuyu let Massu sing most of it because he wanted to do the *Pikachu~~~!* in his adorable cute speech <3 Truly the sweetest thing! I was so happy ~! As you see I used to be in LOVE with that song.. I really really really really want it on a dvd U______________U I'd do anything.

Then they kept on talking about anime and characters Massu likes. Massu did weird impersonations and Yuya cracked up like always. Both had lots of fun and they talked freely without even bothering about the audience for a long time =D I don't approve of Tegomasu shipping but whatever, seeing Yuya so happy was so touching ~ even if he was jumping on Massu or whatever ...

You always see and think that Yuya is very happy during a live, right? but this time it was even worse or how should I say? He just literally had a blast which could not have been faked at all. He kept on saying that this was TOO MUCH FUN and what the hell are we doing, really? *laugh laugh*

They kept on singing with full force and during the encore Yuya was going MAD, i swear =D
I was prepared for anything, even taking off his clothes XD which he sadly didn't ~
Even at the end he kept on thanking everyone for such a wonderful time <3
I haven't seen him happier ~ eventho he kept on complaining throughout the 3 days how badly he wanted to see Messi play =D

Fifth show on the 18th / 17:00

- Yuya kept the same hair style this time =P
and I think there was nothing new with the parker either.....


- Yuya came out in a pink cheerleader cosplay. VERY short skirt, sleeveless top, belly showing, white thick stockings and white sneakers, blonde ponytail wig and pink pompons...

Since I am so late with this we already have pictures ^^"

They didn't do anything, no encore song.. they only walked around the stage and thanked everyone for coming ~
As they left some girls knocked over the barrier and fell to the ground, Yuya stopped and turned saying sweetly "Daijoubu?? kiotsukete ne~!"

Some things I can not properly put in order of happening anymore ..

During the concert is that part where after a song Massu suddenly runs around the (round) stage and stops in the center.
There he suddenly jumpes and claps his hands like he caught a fly. At this scene they always changed the way they acted / spoke.

The first time it was like this:

Massu - *clap*

Yuya stopped and turned around to see what Massu was doing, he walked toward Massu around the stage and turned to the audience. (in jap.) "Eh? What is wrong with him?"

Massu (in jap.) "I caught a sound (oto)"

Yuya laughs, (in jap) "What is he saying?...*turns to Massu* What are you saying?"

Yuya walks to Massu. Massu says that he caught a sound. Yuya keeps laughing and saying it's impossible to catch a sound. He says Massu is lying. Massu ask if he should show him and Yuya says yes that he wants to see. Massu then brings his hands towards Yuyas face and let's him peek inside. Yuya then acts surprised and squeaks, saying "You didn't lie!" Massu said of course not, and asks if they should show the audience. Yuya says yes please show it! Massu then lifts his hands and opens them slowly, as he opens them there is a sound of a melody appearing and music notes and lights fill the center of the stage (screen above their heads).

They talk a little and quickly come to the point where Massu says something like "So that's the power of magic, it's amazing." Yuya agree's and Massu says that Yuya can do magic too. He asks for confirmation, which Yuya happily gives ^^" Massu then asks if he can show his magic and Yuya doesn't hesitate. He says "I can make everyone in the audience sit down at my command" *laugh* Massu said he likes to see that, so Yuya tells everyone to sit down when he says 'AH~!'

Everyone does just that and in two goes everyone in the audience sits down whenever Yuya says "Ah~!" and does his hand moves ^^
during most of the times he did that ( i mean during all shows) Massu sits down too or lets himself fall to the floor when Yuya does his magic~
Yuyu sometimes ran to Massu and said he was sorry he didnt mean to make him fall ^^  some things like that... they like to be random ^^

Anyways, that was usually the beginning of the MC if i remember right ^.~

The cutest about that was the second day, where both talked english with each other instead of japanese like before.

Of course Yuya's lovely accent was my personal high light =D

When Massu clapped his hands Yuya walked straight toward him and yelled in confusion (in english) "EH?" "What?" ..."What??" "WHAT'SHAPPENED?"

Massu replies a little unsure (probably of remembering what to say...) "Masuda's hand is in the music!" ^^"""

Yuya standing before Massu repeats his lovely sentence, "Masuda's hand is in the music?" XD

Massu nodded (maybe said yes i dont remember)

Yuya asked "REALLY?"

I don't remember now if Massu asked him if he wanted to see it in japanese or english...but anyhow he let Yuya peek in again and I know his reaction was definately english ^^" "WOW~!" *pause....* "FANTASTIC!" *laugh*

Then they showed it to everyone and so on.....

The other times it was always pretty similar, Yuya liked to ask "what the hell are you talking about" and do crazy faces and accuse Massu of lying. Once he asked Massu if he was alright and had been eating properly =D

The last time they did another mix of japanese and english ^^
Massu said again "Masuda's hand in the music yo !" when he asked Yuya to show some of his skills he answered "Of course!" ^^

He exchanged "hai" with "yes" some times and "minna" with "everybody" (seems like he had learned some new things during the time abroad with Pi~^^) ... Yeah one time they adressed each other with first names, which cause the fans to scream crazily >.<

I don't recall anything special anymore right now ..........
Everyone knows about the set list and costumes etc by now anyhow ^^


You can view photos of Yokohama and a little more of my trip to Tokyo here.

So, that's it ~ !

Til next time.


For over 50 hours of simple awesomeness during the last three years ~

17th-Sep-2011 09:36 pm - NEWS SCANS - 003 - ^-^

NEWS pages from november's duet 2007 in HQ

Today I want to share 8 edited scans which appeared in the November issue of duet in 2007.

Let's make this boring place a little brighter with our pretty boys' faces ^-^

Feel free to drop by whenever you want, a friendly greeting would be lovely too.




HQ (roughly) 2500 x 3600
Password: ilovenews


11th-Sep-2011 11:07 pm - NEWS SCANS - 002

NEWS SCANS - 002 - ^-^

DareKissu Movie Promo Page in HQ

NEWS Happy Brithday Single Promo Page in HQ

Today I want to share two lovely edited scans which were glossy pages in one of our jboys magazines =D

Let's make this boring place a little brighter with our pretty boys' faces ^-^

Feel free to drop by whenever you want, a friendly greeting would be lovely too.




HQ 1248 x 1600
MQ 3000 x 3847

HQ 3000 x 4096

Password: ilovenews


10th-Sep-2011 11:34 am - NEWS SCANS - 001

NEWS SCANS - 001 - ^-^

Ashita no Joe flyer in HQ

Hey guys! ^^

It's been a while since I posted anything interesting...

Today I want to share a pretty scan of the Ashita no Joe movie theatre flyer I got in Roppongi ~!

Since I finally have my belongings back from Tokyo I will be scanning randomly.
Sadly not many people are sharing nice scans anymore, at least no NEWS related things... So I wanna give some I have to make the world a brighter place.

  • My scans will be as HQ as I can make it. I won't post before I am not satisfied myself.
  • They'll be edited in color and lots of small details I care about.
  • They'll be selected randomly and probably a little Tego n Pi centered.
  • They may be Magazine scans from the past three years, Calendar scans, CD inlet scans, Pamphlet scans, Shop Photo scans, Flyers and little cut-outs.
Feel free to drop by whenever you want, a friendly greeting would be lovely too.




Page 1 / 2592 x 3661
Page 2 / 3000 x 4243

Ashita no Joe Flyer HQ

Password: ilovenews

6th-Apr-2011 12:27 am - Fanfic [TEGOPI] LOVE - chapter 5
Title: LOVE
Chaper Title: TONIGHT.
Chapter: 5/?
Yuya Tegoshi / Tomohisa Yamashita
Genre: Romance, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I still own nothing!?? [...too bad, really (●´△`●)]

As a short summary: Tegoshi, Yamapi, Koyama and Shige went on a weekend trip. They’re staying at a friend’s mansion with private tennis courts, where Koyama and Shige tried to teach Tegoshi and Yamapi how to play, (tennis). KoyaShige vs. TegoPi – pros against newbies. Yamapi doesn’t really give a damn; Tegoshi tries hard but still fails…..

At the same time, same old story happened; Tegoshi and Yamapi accidentally getting closer and closer and all that stuff.


Read moreCollapse )
27th-Feb-2011 11:08 pm - Fanfic [TEGOPI] LOVE - chapter 4
Title: LOVE
Chaper Title: Miss or hit, as long as you’re there I’ll do whatever it takes and never quit.
Chapter: 4/?
Pairing: Yuya Tegoshi / Tomohisa Yamashita
Genre: Romance, fluff
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I still own nothing!?? [...too bad, really (●´△`●)]

つづきを読む...Collapse )

23rd-Feb-2011 09:21 pm - Fanfic [TEGOPI] Final - Multichapter

Title: Anything plain can be lovely.
And something imperfect can be beautiful.
Chapter Title: Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.
Chapter: final chapter
Rating: G
Pairing: Tegoshi Yuya/Yamashita Tomohisa
Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance, fluff – all of it and more.

Summary: It had been a long and rough journey for the former lovers, time and happenings made them split up and now they both keep struggling with the new situation, not knowing how to fix their relationship. Recently Tegoshi was forced to stay in bed for a certain time as exhaustion took over his health but the young singer of course has a certain person to always watch over him.

A/N: Doumo! I'm fixing my fics, working hard on them to finally bring you a new update. I won’t blame you if you have already forgotten about the fic! (;_;)” It’s been almost two years and I think it’s about time to finally put an end to this story… so here I go!

 Chapter 1  ||  Chapter 2  || Chapter 3 || Chapter 4 || 
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 ||  Chapter 7  || Chapter 8  ||
Chapter 9
|| Chapter 10 ||  Chapter 11 ||  Chapter 12

つづきを読む...Collapse )

こんにちは !

I found Tokyo Friend Park 2 with Ashita no Joe's cast and re-upped it to share.

I haven't seen it been posted around yet, so maybe this will come in handy for some ^~^

Tokyo Friend Park II - 2011.02.07.mp4 
977 MB / SD but pretty clear!
MU/RS/HF   | 1 | 2 | |

needs HJsplit to join, thanks to jpfiles.

Junior times, 2001
25 USD

Konnichiwa minna! ^^

Yesterday I heard the very unexpected 'last minute' news about Yamashita - Pi - sama was going to 'greet and thank his fans for the support with a *hand shake event*'  O.o

sounds pretty crazy right? Yes it does. Imagine Yamashita-sama in the center of a convention hall in Ikebukuro, non-stop shaking fans' hands, a few hours long...

Well, of course I have to admit it also does sound very inviting and without a second doubt it makes you scream "I WANT TO!" right?

I know it does...
CUT ???Collapse )
GD glasses
Hello Everyone!

What's new? well, today I'll tried some quick translations /
putting together info on the upcoming itteQ special. http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e233/iwontbe4gottn/emoji/th_o0020002010583281242.gif?t=1291262543
Mostly because i was interested in what happened ^~^; When I found the official website I just had to check it out.

This is for everyone who is also interested, but please be careful with the photographs because they underlie heavy copyright issues!
...they're press photos and are not allowed to be distributed, although i found some around the net already ~~ "

yoku asobi ~ Collapse )

Credit: swiss-image.ch
Copyright: swiss-image.ch
yoku asobi ~ Collapse )
i know i know.. everyone knows by now! *_*

First i was surprised, then i was even more surprised but now i think im just totally freaking out XD

..a detective drama! 
..baddie Tego.
..blonde? maybe..
Oi.. too good to be true!

i love that manga character already and choosing Tego for it was so clever!
and accepting that was super clever too! 

I don't know who translated this ->  SUMMARY 
but it's an AWESOME summary of his character.

wahh... sleeping at the office, just like Tego XD

ok, enough~

how could i forget to check!!! *____*

Never mind, I did today! so sweet! as always.
I only bought one of Pi's pix until now, and no group shot.
there are roughly 10 group pix, and 22 Tegoshi pix.

I can only give u a small preview, sorry.Collapse )

BESIDES I uploaded all the FIGHTING MAN PROMO stuff I could get a photo of....

it's not much, just some Posters in the sub, my neighbourhood and CD promo in Shibuya. No bus again? so sad.

Um, doumo doumo again, it's me Rina ~

Went to tonight's concert too, sadly I missed Sunday's but will go again tomorrow ^____^

[kami-sama,arigatou for making it possible for me to go...]



Doumo, Rina desu!

Last night (25th September 2010) I attended the first Dome Party at Tokyo dome.

Ah, What can I say!?

The show was amazing.. It’s so hard to believe ^_^

My ‘review’s sort of report-ish whatever you wanna call it will be quite messy and maybe not so much of interest to you, I don’t know but I will just talk about what I remember.

even though i didn't tell much news, i talked too much again >-<Collapse )

GD glasses
Hello Minna ~

I got back from today's concert and since I am still 'dokidoki' I want to share the new song Fightin Man (or MEN?  but they wrote MAN)
its a bit loud but I hope u can get the idea.

It's very hyper and fun, A LOT OF FUN.we are fighting man/menCollapse )
Konbanwa ~

I just got back from harajuku... and brought you a preview of some shop photos which they started selling today ^~^

I bought ALL Tegoshi pix plus some Tego x XY and some group pix but there are a TON of others I didn't buy.
especially there are SUPER CUTE PI x Massu x Shige pix >___< sadly no Tegopi ~ but those with Pi are really tooo tempting to buy!!! 
Wish I was rich XD I can't believe how friggin many [60!] i already bought >__< JE is killing me...

To me personally, those pix are all tooo awesome !! *sigh*

too make it easier too look at them and load i put them together in a larger file, sorry that the quality isn't too good!

Shopping shita O____O fo sho ... Collapse )
Title: One in a million
Chapter: [6/?]
Authors: gabs_yuuya and yamap_oukoku
Rating: PG-13 (for now)
Pairing: Tegoshi Yuya / Yamashita Tomohisa, Tegoshi Yuya / Non-Johnny's Male 
Genre: Romance, AU, fluff
Disclaimer: We don't own the boys as you already know, but we can't help to dream about it ^^
Summary: Yamashita Tomohisa, aka Yamapi, is a well-known bachelor of Tokyo nights, but what makes him so well known? Well it's just the simple fact that no one ever managed to get a hold of this handsome and rich young man. The few ones that dared to say they managed to get into Yamashita`s bed, are just liars or never had a chance to make it happen a second time. The only thing he really want is to find his long missed one in a million.
[Chapter 01] [Chapter 02] [Chapter 03] [Chapter 04][Chapter 05]

A/N: Konbanwa minna ~  ^~^
it's been almost two weeks since the last update~
Gomen gomen, the fic is still keeping Gabby-chan and me busy/occupied whenever we have some free time ~
which means, we are working on it and hope you'll still look forward to more ^~^

Chapter 06  Love is PAIN  )
Here comes a picspam about...
...the one and only KWON JIYONG ♥

Just watched the new PV - Beautiful Hangover ♥

[new japanese single... go go go BUY NOW! XD its worth it.]

I don't need to say that the video is AMAZING!

I love ALL of it, but I only want to dedicate this post to Ji ♥

saigo no love? ♥Collapse )

Ok guys.. I don't know where to start ^~^;~

I bet you already know how much I love and adore Tegomasu right? so you can imagine how excited I was, days before the event, until the last minute.. You know first I thought the very first concert should be the most nerve wrecking or exciting right? but it’s completely the opposite XD

The first show I went to was last year for their first tour and although I loved them just as much back then I wasn’t that nervous like those last times. I assume it’s because knowing how amazing it is to be there makes it even harder.. anyways that doesn’t really seem to be of any kind of interest to you XD gomen … haha, I felt like saying it though >-<;;~

So the day of the festival was really really great and despite some troubles I thought would hinder me to get there on time I was able to leave the house as early as 12 PM ^-^

I was reliefed and could finally meet up with two friends in Harajuku! There we hung out at a café, talked about the boys and so on until we made it to the Stadium.

Sadly we had to part because we all had different seats =p I didn’t buy mine with the fanclub therefore I had an Arena seat. As I was told the JFC were only handing out those seats far from the stage because of the split sponsoring whatsoever I have no idea XD but they have their rules and stuff… so yeah my seat was Arena seating, pretty good spot yet too far from the stage so I couldn’t see them all to good, though there were many big screens which kind of seemed to be doing their trick ^^

Could have been worse so I was really happy with what I got <3

I just wished I had been seated on the other side because that’s where Tegoshi rode his zou-chan around XD I sadly had Massu coming my way .. XD gomen ne but I just didn’t feel satisfied with that spot that moment *_*

My first impression of the stadium when I saw it online was !WOW! *_*

When I first saw it in real life I still felt like !WOW! XD

It really is awesome! It’s not that big as I expected yet it seemed really huge being in the middle of where usually the soccer field is ^^

It was really an awesome feeling to walk inside, don’t think I will forget it ^^

There was A LOT of friggin staff!!! Really annoying too that they were one row before me and to my left and back and everywhere.. because I kind of was in the middle of everything >-<

more about it here....Collapse )

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